The Exmoor Club: An online solution in the time of lockdown

This week we finally opened the doors to The Exmoor Club. This project has been in the pipeline for a while, but the Covid19 lockdown threw a major spanner in the works.

Originally the Exmoor Club was aimed mainly at visitors and locals. Exclusive events like menu launches and meet-ups as well as special offers by Exmoor businesses were supposed to help customers save money while supporting local businesses. But then Covid19 struck, and everything we had planned didn’t work anymore. At least not while everyone was in Lockdown.

But we did not give up, and like many other businesses tried to come up with a solution which would help people to enjoy Exmoor while stuck at home. So that’s how the Exmoor Club got moved online onto a membership site where members can do a course to become an Exmoor Expert and download all sort of activities. Members will also receive a postcard in the post every month, get access to videos, live chats (exclusive Facebook group) and have the opportunity to “meet” online at least once a month.

As the Club is still young, more and more will be added to what is on offer, and once the lockdown has been lifted, we’ll add all the offline activities we had planned to start with.

Membership subscription is £10.00 if paid monthly. For the annual subscription we offer a “Pay as much as you can” scheme with £59.00 for a whole year being the cheapest option. Everyone who signs up now will continue to pay this amount as long as they are members. Only when they cancel the subscription, they will have to pay the new fee (whatever that might be at the time) should they decide to rejoin at a later date.

We look forward to a fun time with all our members. No doubt we’ll be learning a lot along the way, not only about Exmoor, but also about membership sites, suitable apps, the pitfalls of going live, the wonders of technology and how to overcome problems we don’t even know exist. But above all we are looking forward to connecting with loads of lovely Exmoor fans.

If you like to have a bit more information, check out the Exmoor Club website.

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