No matter how good your business or how amazing your event is – without publicity it is all pretty pointless as nobody will know how fantastic and unique you are. Being visible these days, with all that noise around us competing for our attention, requires regular and constant work and a lot of time.

This is where we come in: You work in your core business, and we shout about it. We have a great network in the regional media, and we know how to create stories which appeal to journalists.

If you have a business related to Exmoor, then we have the perfect platform for you: Our top brand Exmoor4all reaches 200,000 people each month who all love Exmoor and what it stands for. We will never allow advertising on our website – instead we work with editorials which entertain and inform our followers and make them fall in love with you.


Exmoor4all is Exmoor’s largest platform, promoting Exmoor as a beautiful holiday destination and a magical place to live. Exmoor4all is a very active online community of locals and visitors to Exmoor. Our followers have one thing in common: they love Exmoor. Exmoor4all started in 2012, inviting followers to share their photos and stories on Facebook… Continue reading Exmoor4all

PR Services

We can help you to get your business seen and heard. From press releases to professional photos, placements in newspapers, magazines or on air, or copy for your website – sometimes it’s good to have a helping hand. I have ready-made offers available here, from free press release templates to a short course about how… Continue reading PR Services