Exmoor4all is Exmoor’s largest platform, promoting Exmoor as a beautiful holiday destination and a magical place to live.

Exmoor4all is a very active online community of locals and visitors to Exmoor.

Our followers have one thing in common: they love Exmoor.

Exmoor4all started in 2012, inviting followers to share their photos and stories on Facebook and Twitter. 10 years later we still share – reaching up to 500,000 people each month across all our platforms.

Our community actively engages with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Exmoor4all has encouraged people to visit Exmoor and even to move to Exmoor while also providing community services like updates on road closures, weather warnings and helping reunite lost dogs with their owners.

We regularly run photo competitions to increase engagement and involve local journalists, influencers and officials as judges. This way we connect several levels of our online and offline community with great success.

As a community platform, our followers trust Exmoor4all.

We would love to work with you and tell the world about what you do on and for Exmoor. Growing your business is our goal.

Exmoor4all is Exmoor’s largest promotional platform, and what our followers love about us is that we are not into hard-selling. We are not really into selling at all – we want our followers to fall in love with you and your products or services. Because if people love you, they become your tribe – and, guess what, they will be buying from you.

Editorials turn Exmoor4all into an online magazine – trusted and well-read.

By joining our journey, you will become part of Exmoor4all and our amazing and wonderful community. A community who loves Exmoor – whether they live on Exmoor or are dreaming of moving back, they all have one thing in common: They love hearing stories, love looking behind the scenes, and they are keen on supporting all things Exmoor.

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