About us

Exmoor Events (which is part of Exmoor4all) is based near Porlock – we know the local community, and it is our mission to provide small (and not so small businesses) with platforms and tools which empowers them to shine and stand out.

Exmoor is literally our backyard. We have lived here for 20 years, and we still think that Exmoor is a beautiful holiday destination and a magical place to live.

We love working with businesses on Exmoor, and we want to put Exmoor on the map!

The Team

Elke Koessling Winzer

Elke, founder of Exmoor4all, has over 35 years of experience in organising events and making sure the world knows about them. She is a PR, Communications & Business Development Consultant and Coach.

You can book Elke for 1:1 support or sign up for courses and events here.

I help small business owners to get clear on their story and increase their reach & income with the help of PR.

I have an academic background and have worked for the Australian government, the German entertainment industry, British local authorities and UK based hospitality businesses. Over the years I have also worked as a travel journalist and had three books published.

Elke Koessling-Winzer

Occasionally Paul Adams joins our team – he is the one to talk to if you can’t get hold of Elke or prefer to talk to a man!

Here we are, looking rather serious at the fantastic launch of the 2020 Exmoor Food Fest at Kentisbury Grange. Next time we’ll smile into the camera – promise!